On auspicious occasion of International Mother’s Language Day celebration organized by New York City Mayor office at City Hall Courthouse, with a great pleasure, we would like to announce 2nd Mithila Festival USA; an Mithila ART & Cultural Exhibition to be held on April 12-18th, 2020 in New York, USA. Further, continuing the saga of showcasing and promoting United Nations Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs) through Mithila Art, this year art exhibition entitled “The Mithila Heritage: Art for SDGs” will focus on SDGs goal 1 (No Poverty) and 2 (Zero Hunger). Thus, we would like to request all interested artiest to focus their creation according these themes.

The grand success of 1st Mithila Festival USA in April 2019 along with inaugural exhibition entitled ‘Arts for SDGs: the Mithila Heritage’ at UN Headquarter in New York motivated us to continue the saga of this culturally unique festival to promote Mithila heritage is probably the only culture in South Asia which is the combination of ancient Nepalese and Indian Culture as Sita, the daughter of Janakpur the capital of ancient Mithila Kingdom currently in Nepal, who was married to Ram, the crown prince of Ayodhya in India, made special place in the hearts of Hindus living all around the world. Since then, people of both countries; India and Nepal have made great contributions to enrich religious and socio- cultural heritage in this region, and beyond. New York and New Jersey happened to be the second home of thousands of Mithila community people representing both Nepalese and Indian Americans.

Mithila is also well known globally through its Art. Mithila Art has been known to exist for centuries and they are drawn by the female members of the household. Here, women have passed the art and tradition of wall painting from mother to daughter for three millennia. Mithila Art traditionally narrates mythological and religious events, and also, they are used for decoration as well as documenting the social commentary. More recently, Mithila painting have taken up as a more contemporary and collectable art form, with men/women artists painting on canvases of rough handmade paper that is similar in texture to the mud hut walls. Not only are Mithila paintings now exhibited in galleries across the world, but more importantly the art has also opened up a new industry for women in impoverished rural communities.

During 1st Mithila New York City a Council Member announced that he will take initiative to recognize Mithila Culture and Festival Day as tolerance and harmony and his hope to see in near future April 12 be proclaimed Mithila Culture and Festival Day. Therefore, this year event will also celebrate the New York City official proclamation of Mithila Culture & Festival Day.

Your kind participation, cooperation and support to organize 2nd Mithila Festival USA; Art & Culture Exhibition will be highly appreciated. Thank You.

Amit Shah
Founder/Executive Director
Mithila Art & Cultural Center/ Mithila Festival USA
Ph: 347 863 6058

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