Mithila Center, USA (AKA Mithila Art and Cultural Center) is a nonprofit organization established with the mission to celebrate, preserve, and promote values and principles of Mithila culture and civilizations including its history, festivals, literature, arts, and science in North America and the world-at-large.

We also aim to foster values and spirit of harmony, friendship, cooperation through advocating and respect for religious and cultural tolerance at community, national and international levels. To provide humanitarian assistance and charitable contributions and material support to needy people, victims of natural disasters and humanitarian emergencies; and

To undertake and carry out necessary programs and activities with a view to achieving the above purposes independently and/or in collaboration/ partnership with other entities of governmental or non-governmental nature.

Programs and Community Impact: 

Founded by the well-known Nepali-American social entrepreneur Mr. Amit Pratap Shah, Mithila Center USA serves a diverse and inclusive community, emphasizing the celebration, preservation, and promotion of Mithila culture and principles. The organization’s outreach extends to individuals of Nepali and Indian origin and beyond, anyone interested in exploring Mithila’s rich heritage in North America.

The annual Mithila Festival USA in Queens, New York aligning with the Jude Shital Festival and Mithila New Year, the Vivah Panchami Festival Celebrations serves as a vibrant celebration that brings together diverse communities, fostering positive interactions and cultural exchange. The proclamation of April 15 as Mithila Cultural and Festival Day by the Mayor of New York City in 2023 underscores the event’s significance, positively impacting community relations and cultural understanding.

Art for SDGs: the Mithila Heritage Exhibition initiatives showcase the fusion of Mithila art with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, promoting cultural preservation and sustainable economic growth, particularly empowerment for women in rural communities.

The organization’s commitment to engaging next generations through the Kids Art Workshop, Exhibition, and Award program fosters intergenerational bonds within the community and cultivates a sense of community pride fostering community pride, and preserving cultural heritage.

The publication of Mithila cultural books contributes to knowledge dissemination, reaching a wider readership interested in Mithila culture, arts, and traditions. While community partnerships are not specified, active involvement with local organizations in Queens could enhance the organization’s impact and outreach.

The annual Vivah Panchami Festival celebrations in Queens, New York have become a vibrant and culturally significant event. Commemorating the sacred marriage of Lord Ram with Goddess Sita, the celebrations promote cultural awareness and understanding among the diverse population in Queens. Cultural programs and prayer ceremonies foster a sense of unity and inclusivity, bringing together people from various backgrounds. By engaging in these festivities, the community actively contributes to the preservation of cultural heritage, enriching the cultural tapestry of Queens and embodying values of tolerance, harmony, and community engagement.

The annual Jackson Heights Community Clean-up/Beautification program participation is an additional impactful initiative, reflecting Mithila Center USA’s dedication to environmental stewardship and community improvement. This engagement enhances the organization’s standing within the local community, promoting a clean and beautiful environment for all residents.


Kids Art Workshop, Exhibition, and Award 2024