We are delightful to inform that very first time in America, we organizing the historical and one of the greatest Hindu festival; Vivah Panchmi which celebration symbolizes tolerance, cultural harmony and friendship among people across the world. On this auspicious occasion with great pleasure, we would like request you all to support and participate on विवाह पंचमी महोत्सव अमेरिका (Vivah Panchami Festival Celebration with Cultural Program) on December 19, 2020 (9.30am onward).

Vivah Panchami celebration signifies the unshakable bonding no matter whatever hardships come in life bringing togetherness of not only the two individuals, but also the societies and the countries as well. Vivaha Panchami is a celebration to commemorate the eternal marriage of Lord Ram (The prince of Ayodhya, India) and Goddess Sita of Janakpurdham (The princess ancient capital of Mithila Kingdom Jankpurdham, Nepal) in the form of an auspicious Hindu festival. Hundreds of thousands of people from around the world, mostly from India, do pilgrimage on this very auspicious occasion to Ram Janaki Temple in Janakpurdham, which is under the tentative list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site.

Despite the fact this year we all going through lot due to corona virus pandemic, we firmly believe celebrating such culturally unique and religiously significant festival not only help to bring community together but it will certainly also fill our life with happiness and harmony apart from peace and prosperity. Thus, we are also organizing this important festival in America and committed to make this  grand celebration annually but as COVID-19 situation is continuously evolving, this year we are hosting Vivah Panchmi Celebration with Cultural Program virtually followed by live broadcast of Vivah Panchami Celebration from Janakpurdham historical Janaki Temple which is the venue of nuptial ceremony of Lord Ram and Goddess Sita, held thousands of years ago and prayer ceremony at Hindu Center Temple in New York as per local government authority’s guideline and keeping public health safety at the forefront.

Thus, your gracious presence and support on this auspicious occasion not only significantly motivate us to continue this saga every year but certainly also inspire millions of people globally to continue on practicing such rituals, celebrate and preserve own cultural heritage and tradition no matter where we are or even fighting with difficult situation like corona virus pandemic. Looking forward for your positive response and confirmation of your presence.

Thank You.


Amit Shah

Organizer, Vivah Panchmi Festival America

Founder & President

Mithila Center / Mithila Festival, USA

Nepalese American Foundation

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