Geeta Updesh


Title:- Geeta Updesh
Size:- 11.7 x 16.5 inches (A3 size)
Type:- Acrylic on 320 gsm handmade paper with frame

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Arjun, hesitant, says, I need to take a close look at what I am going to face.

Krishn takes him to the center of the battlefield. When he sees all his guru and his family on the other side, his hand shivers and he puts down the bow and arrow, and says “I cannot do this. This is not what I wanted. I can just see destruction. nothing else. The pain of insult, the thought of injustice, the feeling of revenge, I have none. Why should I do this then?”

Krishn, who was riding his chariot, stops the time and turns towards Arjun.

Krishn says, “Don’t be afraid of the destruction my friend. Just know that destruction is the start of new life. Yuddh/War is your duty, and you must do your duty.”

These words from Krishn are called Geeta Updesh.

P.S. Lord Hanuman is the brother of Bheem as they have the same father, Lord Vayu. Lord Hanuman protected the chariot of Arjun throughout the battle of Kurukshetra by residing in Arjun’s flag.


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