We’re all in this Together


We’re all in this Together

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We”re all in this Together” Year 2020 has taught us the what we had never perceived and made us appreciate life and wellbeing in a fresh perspective. This animodule (3D installation) was handpainted highlighting the message for the pandemic in motifs of Mithila / Madhubani Painting. The painting showcases with various faces showing eyes as today with masks mostly eyes are visible. These faces are in various colors depicting various races all over the world who are all together facing the situation today.

The painting is inspired from the “Rules of Practicing Dharma (RIghteousness in Life) as per Hindu holy sect by Rishi Manu called Manusmriti. This situation with COVID19 has not only taught us the importance of physical health but also mental health. These rules of practicing Dharma or Righteous life, gain their importance even more during these tough pandemic times.

धृतिः क्षमा दमो-अस्तेयं, शौचम् इन्द्रिय-निग्रहः ।

धीः विद्या सत्यम् अक्रोधो दशकं धर्म-लक्षणम् ॥

It means 1. Dhriti – Courage  2. Kshama -Forgive 3. Dama – Self-control 4. Asteya – Honest 5. Shauch – Sanctity, Cleanliness, Pure 6. Indraiya-nigrah – Control of senses 7. Dhi – Reason 8. Vidya – Knowledge, Learning 9. Satya – Truth 10. Akrodha -Absence of anger, Patience

8 of these important rules have been mentioned on the 8 faces masks Dhriti – Courage, Kshama- Forgive, Dama – Self Control, Shauch or Swachh – Pure, Dhi – Reason, Vidya- Knowledge, Satya – Truth, Akrodh – Patience.

The style of art is inspired from the motifs of Mithila / Madhubani Paintings of India and Nepal.

This project is a collaborative venture with Barat Foundation, NJ, USA  who provided 3D Aluminum Structure Totem design Animodule with message “We’re all in this together”.

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4ft (h) x 3 ft (w)


Acrylic on Animodule (3D installation Aluminum structure)


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