The Warmth


The Warmth

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The limitation for females in family , in society and in culture has always left woman behind in development, technology, communication and so on. As female are the channel of network who combine and create bond in family. Here the two female mother and daughter are consoling each other about their life and barriers in life. In the border of a sari, there are the mithila illustration depicting the life of woman bound only within the family and that is also in specific areas with limitation. Whereas at the background the mithila illustration depicts how a daughter wants and desire her life to be. Freedom of education, explore her masculine aspect as doing adventure symbolically cycling,  her reach to communication and technology along side spreading awareness in the community which are the basic aspects of life of every human being.

The lotus flower symbol of enlighten and wisdom in eastern culture which mother holds in her hand, is trying to give it to her daughter in her journey of life.

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24” x 24”


Acrylic on Canvas


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