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Meet The Artist: Miss. Manisha Shah

I am Manisha Shah, 24 years modern mithila artist and a Fine art student (BFA) at Lalitkala Campus. Since my childhood, I always use to do lots of paintings at the free time.

I completed my schooling from Monastic H.S.E.B. School, Janakpurdham. I participated in many art and crafts making competition and always stood first or second position in whole school. At that time my school teachers were very supportive, our Principal sir Dr. Mithilesh Shah always encouraged me to move on with my own creativities and used to give me so many chocolates by seeing my paintings which brings smile to my face and I used to become so much happy. But it was a bad luck that there was drawing subject made compulsory only up to 5 class and after that this subject was removed from the syllabus. Despite this, I used to make so many drawings on theme which was in our Social Studies subject and also used to make map of Nepal nearly of all my friends. One of my best friends, her name is Aarti Mahaseth, she used to tell me and her parents that if Manisha parents will not teach her fine arts, I will support her and when I will earn, I will get her admitted in fine art with my salary which made me feel so blessed to have such supporting and loving friend. But at the same side, at home when I used to do painting in leisure time, my mother and father always used to scold me that what you keep doing all the time, it will harm your eyes which used to make me feel disappointed sometimes still I didn't stop.

I did I. SC. and my parents wanted me to join medical field and I gave so many entrance examinations as well but it's said " No one can change what's already written by God in your life”, the same thing happened. When I was waiting for my admission in Bachelor level, my father's friend, a great and so senior print- making artist of Nepal Mr. UmaShankar Shah and Dr. Seema Sharma Shah told him about lalitkala campus. They saw my paintings which was hang over the wall at my house. They appreciated and also supported so much. Then finally I joined BFA after passing entrance exam and got to learn so many basics and interesting thing about Painting. And it's a bad luck again that in our BFA curriculum, there is nothing about Mithila painting which made me feel sad but still I didn't lose my hope and thought being from Janakpur, it's my responsibility to promote and keep continuity to mithila painting.

After I started making paintings little bit different from others like painting giving some messages to our society. I started making theme-based painting mostly showing women violence, social issues, sanitation and others. It's hard to survive in Nepal, being a Mithila artist but still I am waiting for the time when the artist will also get the same respect and honor which a doctor or engineer gets in our country. There are some senior and very well-known artist like Ajit Shah, Umesh Shah and our college teachers and friends who always supported me to move on with more creativities. Thank you so much all of you for your blessings and support.

It’s my great pleasure to participate at the Mithila Festival USA 2021 exhibition entitled “Art for SDGs; the Mithila Heritage '' organized by Mithila Center, USA going to be held on April 14-17, 2021.

I would like to thank the Mithila Center, USA for this wonderful opportunity to showcase my art at such an important event. I truly believe that, Mithila Festival USA and art exhibition would not only support and promote artists but also help to preserve and promote Mithila culture heritage globally.

To promote social entrepreneurship and support artists, a live auction will also be held followed by my solo exhibition and requesting everyone to participate and support.

Solo Exhibition & Art Auction Date: April 16, 2021 (8.15pm-9.00pm)
Zoom ID: 326 172 7262 Passcode: MFU2021

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