Gender Equality


Theme:- Gender equality.
Size:- 76cm/56cm
Medium:- poster color ( without frame)

Category: Product ID: 6929


Providing equal opportunity ,rights , responsibility to men,women,old age children’s,and transgender everyone in the society.Earlier there were very few female pilots but nowadays girls are equally working as pilot are making society proud.As u can see I have made a female pilot,husband wife working together in field ,female driving tractor,wife doing office work where husband taking care of baby.If you are helping your wife in households chores there is nothing wrong in this,no one gonna judge you because both have equal rights to work whether it’s house work or office work.Before there used to be celebration on having baby boy.Now if baby girl is born also everyone is celebrating.with the help of this painting wat I want to say whether it’s baby boy or girl they deserve equal right,love, education everything equally.whether it’s office work, payment, working time should be equal for everyone.Lets not tak about only men, women,old age, children let’s talk about transgender too they are also part of society.they also deserve equal rights in society as man and women.


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