Mithila Center USA in association with Apan Foundation , pleased to announce that the Mithila Festival USA 2023 with Art Exhibition and Culture Program will be held on April 14-16th, 2023 in New York, USA. Further, it is our continued effort towards showcasing United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through Mithila Art. This year’s art exhibition entitled “Art for SDGs: The Mithila Heritage” exhibiting SDGs goal 5 (GENDER EQUALITY). Thus, we would like to request all interested Mithila painting artists to submit brief biodata along with sample/demo of Mithila painting focuses on this year program theme, exhibiting/promoting United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 5: Gender Equality to official email; by March 31, 2023.

The grand success of the first Mithila Festival USA with inaugural exhibition entitled ‘Arts for SDGs: the Mithila Heritage’ held at United Nations Headquarters in New York in April 2019 has motivated us to continue our effort in this regard. We consider organizing the Mithila Festival and Art Exhibition would not only inspire our community in USA and other countries to celebrate cultural festival but also to preserve and promote Mithila heritage by their contribution to raising community awareness towards United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This year’s program will also include celebration of Mithila King Salhesh Jayanti, New Year and Jude Sheetal/Jur Sital Festival as well as Kids Art Workshop, Exhibition and Awards.

Mithila culture is considered as a unique culture in South Asia in view of its infusion of ancient Nepali and Indian Culture described by the epic Ramayan and other Hindu literature. The Mithila culture attaches immense importance to lives of Goddess Sita and Lord Ram. Sita (also known as Janaki), whose birthplace is the city of Janakpur Dham of Nepal, the capital of ancient Mithila Kingdom, had nuptial ties with Lord Ram, the crown prince of Ayodhya in India thousands year ago. The Mithila culture is a living culture since the people of both Nepal and India and other countries belonged to Mithila community have embraced cultural values and practice in their daily life. In this way, people have made contributions to enriching religious and socio- cultural heritage and promoting values of humanity, friendship, peace and prosperity. New York and New Jersey in the USA are the cities where largest number of Mithila community people have been living over decades.

Mithila art is well-known around the world. Mithila paintings in various forms have been in existence for centuries with a great contribution of female artists. Female artists’ great contribution is well recognized for wall paintings and their knowledge of painting have been handed down to generations.  Mithila Art traditionally narrates mythological and religious events, and also, they are used for decoration as well as documenting the social commentary. More recently, Mithila paintings have taken up as a more contemporary and collectable art form, with men/women artists painting on canvases of rough handmade paper that is similar in texture to the mud hut walls. Not only are Mithila paintings now exhibited in galleries across the world, but more importantly the art has also opened up a new industry for women in impoverished rural communities.

Your kind participation, cooperation and support to organize Mithila Festival USA 2023 will be highly appreciated. Thank You.

With warmest regards,
Amit Pratap Shah
Founder & Organizer
Mithila Center, New York / Mithila Festival USA
Ph: 347 863 6058 / Email:
Mithila Art & Culture Center / Mithila Festival in America

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